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These books - in downloadable software form or paperback books - are for the experienced and
engine & drivetrain builders.  Instead of guesswork or taking someone's word which may
yield inaccurate results, these books can help assist in giving a closer approximation by providing knowledge
that helps you to understand and calculate many engine & drivetrain factors for optimum performance.  They
information, illustrations, photos, graphs, tables, and example calculations. These books
are for
all makes of cars that have a 4-stroke normally aspirated gasoline engine and associated
drivetrain with rear wheel drive
.  They can also be applied to any 4-stroke normally aspirated gasoline
engine regardless of whether a car has rear wheel drive or not.
Engine & Drivetrain Performance Math
( For the experienced and inexperienced engine & drivetrain builders )
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Volume One - Table of Contents
Volume Two(2)
Volume Two - Table of Contents
Volume One includes not only the
Static Compression Ratio, but also the

Dynamic Compression Ratio
is a function of valve timing. This
determines the actual compression
ratio of the engine.  
And much more !
Volume One(1)
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Price: $24.99
ISBN: 0-9643024-7-0 (Volume 1)
Part Number: RP-134
Author: Vincent W. Robinson
Publisher: Robinson Pubishing
In addition to the other air flow calculations,
Volume Two includes
Subsonic & Sonic
“Intake Port Flow” in the cylinder heads which
helps determine whether the air flow velocity is
below the speed of sound(subsonic) or equal to
the speed of sound(sonic).  When sonic flow
occurs in the intake port, no further increase in
the engines air flow can occur.  And much more!
ISBN: 0-9643024-8-9 (Volume 2)
Part Number: RP-136
Author: Vincent W. Robinson
Publisher: Robinson Pubishing
Don't be mistaken.  In the advent of new automotive technology there
is still a need to understand and calculate many engine and drivetrain
factors.  This is the foundation of all performance machines.  Without
the knowledge of math and physics that is necessary to calculate these
factors, none of this may have been possible.
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